Registering and buying firm in Estonia

Jun 29, 2020 | Business, Estonia

How to set up a company in Estonia.

BBCTallinn offers registration of any types of companies in Estonia. There are two ways of setting up a firm in Estonia: personally or remotely.

The first option involves client in visiting Estonia personally to register a company. By applying this option, the founder of the company provides BBCTallinn with all initial information about the company, then visiting Estonia for the first time, he signs all incorporation documents in notary office and then shall wait up to five business days until the company is registered. The complex of this option is that in most cases the client needs to wait in Estonia for the 5 days or to visit the country for the second time to open a corporate bank account. 

The second option is registering a company without local presence is Estonia. By applying this option founder of the company needs to issue Power of attorney to BBCTallinn in order to open company on his name. Based on the information provided by the client we prepare all the documents for Business Register, complete the incorporation and client visits Estonia only once – to open a corporate bank account. 

We should also mention about another option for remote company incorporation in Estonia – by applying for e-residency card. You can find more information in our other article about e-residency in Estonia.

BBCTallinn gives a full guidance and support on any legal as well as technical questions that may come up during company registration in Estonia.

How to buy a ready-made shelf-company in Estonia?

Buying company means the purchase of 100% shares of the existing company with paid-in authorised capital of 2500 EUR. This option is better for the non-residents and allows to set up a firm in Estonia in a more expedited manner and without personal attendance. When buying a ready-made company from BBCTallinn the client receives a shelf-company with a “clean” history in complete ownership becoming its shareholder and board member. During reregistration of the firm there is an opportunity to change its name, address, all contact details and introduce any other necessary changes.

The additional advantage of buying a ready-made firm in Estonia is the opportunity to choose from our portfolio a company with a history and a solid term from the moment of its registration.

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