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BBCTallinn offers the services of a virtual office in Tallinn, which include the rent of a legal address, telephone number and other related services.

What is a virtual office?

Due to availability of modern technologies, nowadays companies do not have to possess expensive offices to demonstrate their presence in the market. A virtual office in Estonia  helps to conduct business at a distance, leaving all responsibility for the practical issues with the professionals, thereby saving costs. To get better understanding on the advantage and benefits of having virtual office in Estonia you can read article in our blog.

A virtual office is ideal for young and small enterprises with no critical need of physical premises, but for whom it is important to have an office in the heart of the city in order to get correspondence and the office telephone number with a secretary. Moreover, a virtual office in Estonia can be useful for foreign entrepreneurs willing to operate in the territory of the country without renting physical premises and without hiring local employees. 

Rent of legal and postal address in Tallinn - 600€ per year
  1. Estonian legal address is the indispensable prerequisite of any local company and foreign businessmen representations. According to the law, the legal address is the address where the board of the company can be reached.  Since we get from our clients the power of attorney to represent their interests at the place of the company registration, the legislation requirement is officially observed.
  2. We get your correspondence and/or packages at this address. Pursuant to your instructions we store them, forward their scanned copies or send by post to the person indicated by you or hand them over to your authorized person. You can indicate the virtual office address on the business cards, at the website, letterheads, etc.
Conference room in Tallinn - 20€ per hour
BBCTallinn clients can use our premises in the heart of the city designated for business meetings and negotiations. The conference room has Internet connection and all necessary office automation equipment.
Creating of a company website - starting from 300€
Nowadays the company website is not only the sales tool or the company business card, but also an integral part of the company’s virtual office. It is an additional proof of the company’s presence in the local market and contributes to the general image of the company. We work with several creative agencies, which will develop and put your company website on the Internet on a “turn-key” basis, from programming and hosting to the text and visual content. Prices for the website vary from 300 to 1000 EUR depending on the degree of complexity.

All prices are excluded local VAT 20%


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