BBCTallinn offers complete accounting services of companies in Estonia. Entrusting our specialists with remote accounting services you get full range of accounting services in Estonia  and get the opportunity to focus your time and efforts on more important aspects of conducting business.

How remote accounting works

Proceeding from our experience bookkeeping in Estonia is the most burdensome part of business management. Consequently over years we have worked out a simple and secure process of accounting services in such a way that it takes as little energy and time as possible. Client’s participation in the process is limited to two actions only:


Delivery of primary documentation from the client

  • Bank Statements
  • Invoices and agreements
  • Information on the employees

Delivery of our report to the client

  • On one page
  • Detailed report
  • Full monthly recognition
    The level of the report informativity is determined by client


Benefits of remote accounting with BBCTallinn

Thanks to our experience of accounting services of companies in Estonia and the use of modern technologies our company is one of the market leaders providing accounting services in Tallinn both for local and foreign clients. Key benefits of bookkeeping with BBCTallinn are:

  • Use of the cloud service for bookkeeping secures access to all accounting documents via Internet 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Full range of accounting services in Estonia, from salary calculation to submitting of documents to the appropriate authorities
  • Accounting advice – our specialists are always ready to answer the clients’ questions and render professional advice
  • Insurance of our responsibility in case of mistake up to the figure of 50,000 EUR
  • Preparation of necessary documents and full support in case of tax audit

The cost of bookkeeping services in Estonia

The cost of company formation in Estonian depends on a number of factors. For instance: the form of incorporation, the number of founders and directors, the fixed capital as well as where the documents are signed. The price of a ready-made company fully depends on the age of the proposed company. To get more information and specific offer contact us.

Additional services

Apart from the services related to setting up a firm in Estonia, BBCTallinn offers full range of support for business services, for instance:

Submission of the annual report

The cost of submission of the annual report, tax declaration and the addendums is equal to the average monthly cost of bookkeeping services.

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