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BBCTallinn offers the sale and registration of companies in Estonia for both residents and non-residents. Our company offers the possibility to register or buy a company in Estonia without personal presence in the shortest possible time.

How to set up or buy a company in Estonia

BBCTallinn offers registration of all types of companies in Estonia. There are two ways to start a business in Estonia: by establishing a new company or by purchasing an existing company.

The first option is better for Estonian residents who have a local digital ID card. With this card, the founder can sign all the documents required for registering a company in Estonia via the Internet. Those who do not have the Estonian ID must sign the documents in front of an Estonian or other notary. To get a better understanding of the different ways to establish a company, you can read the following article in our blog.

The second option requires the purchase of 100% of the shares of an existing company with a paid-in authorised capital of EUR 2500. This option is more suitable for non-residents and allows establishing a company in Estonia in a faster way and without personal presence. When the client buys a ready-made company from BBCTallinn, he receives a ready-made company with a “clean” history in full ownership and becomes its shareholder or board member. During the re-registration of the company there is a possibility to change the name, address, all contact details and make any other necessary changes.

The additional advantage of buying a ready-made company in Estonia is the possibility to choose from our portfolio a company with a history and a solid term from the moment of its registration. You can read more about company formation and company purchase in our blog. You can also download our brochure about company formation and our services.


Registration Application

You contact us and place an application for registration

Documents to be signed

We send the documents to your e-mail. You print those, have those signed and send back to us


We sign the documents at the notary and submit them to the Commercial Register and complete the incorporation. Should this be required, we also apply for a VAT number.

Permanent account

You open a permanent bank account. For that purpose, you presence at on of the bank’s branch offices would be preferable, through currently bank forms may still be notarized and send by mail.


Benefits of buying or registering a firm in Estonia through BBCTallinn

The process of registration of a company in Estonia is complicated, also setting up a firm for non-residents without intermediaries requires personal attendance at a notary public during all stages of registration. Owing to its experience, BBCTallinn offers to set up a firm in Estonia remotely, without personal attendance and unnecessary stress in the shortest possible time, while ensuring favourable prices for any clients. The major benefits of the firm are:

  • Efficient processes of registration of companies in Estonia: we do not want to waste your time and therefore secure purchase or setting up of a firm in the shortest possible time;
  • Knowledge of peculiarities of conducting business in Estonia: apart from advisory support and services related to setting up firms in Estonia, we also assist our clients with other legal and accounting issues trying to solve all potential problems at early stages of the process;
  • Collection of a complete set of necessary documents at an early stage:  we request from the clients who want to buy or set up a firm in Estonia all data necessary for setting up a company well in advance and then submit them to the relevant authorities. Thereby we shall not need to collect new documents necessary for foundation of a new firm on a regular basis;
  • Assistance with opening a bank account: owing to our cooperation with various banks, we offer our clients to open bank accounts for Estonian companies in the shortest possible time.

How much does an Estonian company cost

The cost of starting a business in Estonia depends on a number of factors. For example: the form of incorporation, the number of founders and directors, the registered capital and the place where the documents are signed. The price of a ready-made company depends entirely on the age of the planned company. To receive more information and a concrete offer, contact us.

Additional services

In addition to services related to the establishment of a company in Estonia, BBCTallinn also offers comprehensive support for business services:

Please contact our specialists for more details on services related to establishing and supporting businesses in Estonia.

How long does the registration of a company take?

The time required to establish the company depends entirely on the method chosen. If the registration is done in person after submitting all the required documents, the registration takes up to five days. If the registration is done remotely, the time for sending and receiving the documents must be taken into account. To determine the exact duration of the incorporation for each case, you are welcome to request information from our specialists.

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