Company Formation and Purchase in Estonia

Starting a Business in Estonia Made Easy with BBCTallinn’s Company Formation Services


BBCTallinn offers convenient and efficient company registration and sale services in Estonia, available to both residents and non-residents. We make it easy for you to register or buy a business in Estonia without having to be present in person.

Our streamlined process ensures a fast turnaround time, so you can get your business up and running in Estonia as quickly as possible.

How to set up or buy a company in Estonia

BBCTallinn offers comprehensive business registration services in Estonia, available to both residents and non-residents. Non-residents have the option of opening a new business remotely or by visiting in person.

To establish a new company remotely, non-residents can appoint BBCTallinn as their authorised representative to establish and register the company on their behalf. This option requires the completion and signing of a power of attorney document granting BBCTallinn the necessary authority to act on behalf of the client. The document must be notarised and apostilled (depending on the country).

For those who prefer to register a business in person, BBCTallinn offers assistance with the required documentation and communication with local authorities. Our team can guide you through the entire process and ensure a smooth registration process.

Alternatively, non-residents can purchase an existing company with a paid-up share capital of EUR 2500. This option allows for faster registration without the need to be present in person. When you buy a company from BBCTallinn, you get full ownership and can make the necessary changes during the re-registration process.

Buying a ready-made company also has the advantage that you can choose from our portfolio, which includes companies with a solid history and runtime since registration. For more information, read our blog or download our brochure on company formation and our services.


Registration Application

You contact us and place an application for registration

Documents to be signed

We send the documents to your e-mail. You print those, have those signed and send back to us


We sign the documents at the notary and submit them to the commercial register and complete the incorporation. Should this be necessary, we also apply for a VAT number.


Permanent account

You open a permanent bank account. For this purpose, you should present yourself at one of the bank branches.


Benefits of buying or registering a firm in Estonia through BBCTallinn

BBCTallinn provides efficient and hassle-free business registration services in Estonia for non-residents. Our team of experts can handle the entire process remotely without the need to attend a notary in person, ensuring fast and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the specifics of doing business in Estonia, we can provide our clients with comprehensive advice and services related to the establishment of companies in Estonia. In addition, we assist our clients with other legal and accounting issues to help them avoid potential problems in the future.

To streamline the process, we collect all the necessary documents from our clients in advance and submit them to the relevant authorities. This eliminates the need to collect new documents, saving time and effort.

In addition, thanks to our partnerships with various banks, we offer assistance in opening a bank account for Estonian companies. Our efficient processes ensure that our clients can open a bank account in the shortest possible time.

Choose BBCTallinn if you want hassle-free business registration in Estonia for non-residents. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

How much does an Estonian company cost

The cost of establishing a company in Estonia depends on a number of factors. For example: the form of incorporation, the number of founders and directors, the share capital and the place where the documents are signed. The price of a ready-made company depends entirely on the age of the planned company. To get more information and a concrete offer, contact us.

Type of service Price
Company formation online (including state fee) 350€
Company formation via notary (including state and notary fees) from 500€
Company formation via power of attorney (including state, notary fees and translation) from 800€
Additional person in the company 100€
Legal address and contact person (per year) 500€

All prices exclude 22% VAT, which is applied according to EU Directive 2006/112/EC.

How long does the registration of a company take?

The time required to incorporate the company depends entirely on the method chosen. If the registration is done in person, after all the necessary documents have been submitted, the registration takes up to five days. If the registration is done remotely, the time for sending and receiving the documents must be taken into account. In order to determine the exact duration of the registration in individual cases, you are welcome to request information from our specialists.

Company changes, registration of changes and restructuring of companies

We provide assistance with a wide range of corporate changes, including board and member (shareholder) changes, reduction or increase of authorised capital, changes of legal address and more. We know that these processes can become complicated, especially when not all parties are available or agree to sign the documents. However, thanks to our personal experience in such situations, we are able to overcome challenges of any complexity. Trust us to help you with all your corporate change needs.

Mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies

We also provide support in connection with mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies. Although these services are not as frequently requested as the registration and modification of companies, they are still in high demand. Our team can assist you with these transactions, whether you are planning a merger or acquisition or are interested in protecting your assets and reprofiling your business.

Liquidation of companies in Estonia

In tax-friendly countries like Estonia, it’s easy to start a business, but closing it down can be a difficult task. Simply giving up a business can lead to administrative and legal problems, including possible visa refusal. It’s important to have a reliable partner to help wind up a business properly, especially if plans change and a business needs to be dissolved. BBCTallinn will assist you with the business dissolution and ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Additional services

In addition to services related to the establishment of a company in Estonia, BBCTallinn also offers comprehensive support for business services:

Feel free to contact our specialists for more details on services related to establishing and supporting businesses in Estonia.