BBCTallinn provides legal services in Estonia for its private and corporate clients. Focused on long-term service, our specialists offer complete support of both physical and legal persons, offering any legal counselling and services in Estonia.

Main legal services in Estonia provided by BBCTallinn include:

Complete legal support of commercial activity of the client and legal support of any projects. BBCTallinn offers to our legal corporate clients long-term support of their business as well as full legal support of their private projects, which includes number legal services in Estonia, for instance: preparation and execution of legal documents, reviewing of the transactions, counselling with regard to any legal issues and assistance in finding a particular specialist for certain non-standard tasks performance. In addition to that, our specialists offer assistance with translation and notarial certification as well as apostille service and legalisation of any legal documents.


Civil cases

Our specialists offer full administration of civil and corporate cases, which included any transactional support, company formation and restructuring, resolution of disputes with clients, partners and employees.

Administrative cases

BBCTallinn provides its corporate clients support of administrative cases. For example, protection of the clients’ interests in administrative procedures during all stages, preparation and execution of legal documents, drawing application and complaints, etc.

Representation in the court

 BBCTallinn provides its regular clients representation in the court during resolution of any kinds of disputes at all states of the legal proceedings.

Registration of patents and trademarks

We offer assistance in trademarks, trade names and patent registration in Estonia as well as abroad (through the partners’ offices).

Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses

BBCTallinn offers support to its clients in obtaining permits and licenses for running business in certain sectors in Estonia. For example, credit provision, provision of security services, trade with alcohol and other excise goods, transportation of cargo and other government controlled activities.


Other than complete service and provision of legal services in Estonia, we provide our clients with counselling with professional lawyers in different areas, always supporting in finding the right solution to any problem.

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