Why Estonia is a Great Place to Start a Company

Feb 27, 2023 | Business, Estonia

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe, but it has made a big impact on the global economic scene. In recent years, it has become a popular destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. But what makes Estonia so attractive to entrepreneurs?

First, Estonia has a strong digital infrastructure. The country is known for its advanced e-government services, which make it easy for businesses to complete administrative procedures online. These include registering a business, filing taxes and accessing government services. Estonia also has high-speed Internet connectivity and a tech-savvy population, which creates a favorable environment for digital businesses.

Second, Estonia has a favorable business environment. The country has a flat income tax rate of 20%, which is among the lowest in the EU. Estonia also has a simple tax system and a streamlined business registration process, which makes it easier to start and run a business. In addition, the government has introduced various programs to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, such as the Startup Visa Program and the Digital Nomad Visa.

Finally, Estonia has simplified administrative procedures. The country has introduced a paperless system for processing documents, which saves time and reduces bureaucracy. It is also possible to open a bank account remotely, which is convenient for entrepreneurs who are not based in Estonia. In addition, Estonia has a reliable legal system that protects the rights of entrepreneurs and enforces contracts.

In summary, Estonia is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. The advanced digital infrastructure, favorable business environment, and simplified administrative procedures make Estonia an attractive option for businesses of all types. Whether you are a digital entrepreneur or a traditional business owner, Estonia has a lot to offer.

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