Why an Estonian cryptocurrency licence is still a thing

Aug 23, 2022 | Business, Cryptocurrency, Estonia

Many entrepreneurs who were previously interested in obtaining a cryptocurrency licence in Estonia now doubt the advisability of such a decision due to the strict regulations on crypto projects. However, this strictness of Estonian law regarding virtual currencies cannot be considered a disadvantage, but a significant market advantage. Today, cryptocurrencies in Estonia are controlled in the same way as traditional fiat funds, which means that they are controlled in the same way as traditional fiat funds. This means that they are essentially equated with alternative means of payment for legal and natural persons.

What are the advantages of the Estonian cryptocurrency licence today?

  • A company that has met the strict Estonian regulations and eventually obtained a licence is protected from possible recalls and arbitrary action by the authorities.
  • Users and partners of licensed companies receive a level of protection and guarantees equal to that of traditional financial institutions.
  • The trust of customers and partners in licensed Estonian crypto companies is much higher than in people from an unregulated environment.
  • The services of companies with an Estonian cryptocurrency licence are available to all businesses and individuals in the same way as the services of banks and payment systems.

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