Benefits of running a business in Estonia

Jun 29, 2020 | Business, Estonia

Many entrepreneurs in Europe choose Estonia to launch business as of endless possibilities this country offers.

Estonia has great managerial and logistics centre as it is based on the periphery of the European Union as well as it is great place for companies and entrepreneurs working with CIS countries.

Let us give you a brief explanation on why launching business in Estonia is an excellent idea:

  • High IT and technical fields level
  • Transportation and rail connections
  • Couple of hours plane connection to most of the European capitals
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Advanced digital system

Launching business in Estonia is a great solution if logistics and communication is important to you. Estonia is a great choice to set up an outpost for import to CIS countries. As a result, you will have endless possibilities to distribute your products to your customers all around the world.

When you do business in Estonia you are in Eurozone. Country has a lot of competitive specialist who are able to speak both English and Russian. Estonians also have an experience on how to communicate with companies and entrepreneurs from CIS countries.

Stabilised economic growth in the European Union

  • GDP of Estonia during the past years has a stable growth
  • EU customs area
  • Advanced digital society
  • European level of finance and state organisations service
  • Low corruption level
  • Quantitative private property legal for business

Supportive conditions for non-residents in owning business in Estonia:

  • It is quite simple to register a company in Estonia as well as get residence permit for foreign entrepreneurs and investors
  • Estonia has a good reputation from the position of doing business

Advantages of Estonian mentality and culture

  • Vast majority of Estonians speak two languages: Estonian and Russian
  • English is broadly used in government and banking
  • Estonians are generally calm and hard working. They tend to work without rush but very effectively
  • Estonia has business connections not only with the EU, but also with CIS countries
  • Majority of young people have a higher education

Registering company in Estonia will allow you to distant from crisis market to a more stable area with Euro as a currency. You will have a set up connections as well as people who know how to communicate effectively with Europe and CIS countries at your disposal.

How to register business in Estonia?

Registering company in Estonia is a simple procedure. In collaboration with our specialists, it can be done by following simple steps as below:

  1. Registration Application: You contact us and place an application for registration
  2. Documents to be signed: We send the documents to your e-mail. You print those, have those signed and send back to us
  3. Completion: We sign the documents at the notary and submit them to the Commercial Register and complete the incorporation. Should this be required, we also apply for a VAT number.
  4. Permanent account: You open a permanent bank account. For that purpose, you presence at on of the bank’s branch offices would be preferable, through currently bank forms may still be notarised and send by mail.

Full process will take up to five days.

In case you get any questions or enquiries, our specialists will be glad to assist you with a free preliminary consultation.

BBCTallinn OÜ provides consulting services on choosing the most appropriate enterprise type for your business. We also proves the following ones:

  • Registration and a company sale;
  • All operational processes with Estonian companies;
  • Further support for your business;
  • Business reorganisation, combination, liquidation.

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