Briefly about Estonia

Fully realizing the attractiveness of Estonia as an environment for life in general and for doing business in particular, BBCTallinn strives to help its customers develop a positive outlook on this country. In this section, we will try to explain the key advantages one could benefit from, having chosen Estonia as the jurisdiction for founding a business and incorporating a company.

First of all, let us introduce you to this video, which describes the main reasons for starting a business in Estonia:

Why Estonia?

As you could see from the video above, Estonia has a lot of advantages that form an ideal environment for conducting business. In our opinion, the principal arguments in favour of starting a business in Estonia are:

Economic situation

  • Sustainable GDP growth
  • Membership in the European Union and the World Trade Organization
  • Usage of Euro, the common European currency
  • 16th position in the Index of Economic Freedom
  • Local and foreign investments are treated equally
  • One of the simplest taxation schemes in the world
  • No undistributed profits tax
  • Fifty nine double taxation avoidance agreements in effect

Favourable business environment

  • Convenient location that ensures easy access to Scandinavian, CIS and Western European countries
  • Low corruption and bureaucracy level
  • Simple company incorporation procedure - a company can be registered online within less than 30 minutes
  • Highly qualified local staff
  • Most residents of Estonia have fluent command of a second foreign language (usually it's English or Russian)
  • Well-developed IT structure and digital environment - many official processes can be carried out over the Internet

You can read more about Estonia and company formation in our brochure.
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